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We're a London-based tone of voice and copywriting agency. We use words to help businesses develop richer, deeper relationships with the people who matter to them most.

We've worked with the likes of Gumtree, IKEA, CITMA, British Gas and the British Council – either directly or in partnership with top creative agencies, including Studio Koto and MultiAdaptor.

Tone Of Voice

Developing a brand language for Gumtree

Following an audit of Gumtree’s old writing style, we developed a new brand language and set of tone of voice principles for the UK’s #1 classifieds website. Each principle ties in with Gumtree’s strategic positioning and is easy for employees and agency partners to put into practice.

We partnered with Koto to create a tone of voice booklet filled with hints and tips for Gumtree’s people.

How we transformed Gumtree’s tone of voice

We immersed ourselves in their language and processes

We spoke to their people and customers to learn what they wanted from their relationship with Gumtree

We worked with partner agencies to define Gumtree’s strategy

We turned the brand’s values into three unique tone of voice principles

Following Gumtree's relaunch in January 2016, we’ve trained over 150 of their people in the new tone of voice.

"Thank you. Signing off a suite of emails yesterday was pleasurable with the new copy and tone of voice in there."

Hannah Wilson, Head of Marketing, Gumtree


Helping the British Council attract international students

The British Council had a challenge: how to attract thousands more international students to the UK. Working with branding agency MultiAdaptor, they chose to focus on the social and cultural treats the UK can offer. Working with The Table, they found a way to put it into words.

We worked closely with MultiAdaptor to develop a writing style for the British Council’s 'Discover You' campaign. Writing straplines, critiquing web copy and helping to develop scripts for promotional films soon followed.

"Working with The Table has been great. Rob's very thorough and the structured way he works really helps me understand the thought process behind every word he writes."

Chris Copping, Lead Designer, MultiAdaptor

Tone Of Voice

Developing a new voice for CITMA

At the tail end of last year, we partnered with Studio Kunze to give the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys a new visual and verbal identity to celebrate the award of their Royal Charter.

"They immersed themselves into the organisation and helped us to develop a more smart, spirited and open tone of voice by auditing previous work, speaking with our members and gaining an understanding of what we stand for."

Keven Bader, Chief Executive, CITMA


Telling Whiteman Interiors' brand story

For generations, Whiteman Interiors have been crafting bespoke furniture for happy customers across the south east of England. During their rebrand, founder Chris asked us to tell their story - and show why anybody who hires his team is in very safe hands.


Training Gumtree, from London to Malta

Gumtree asked us to develop a series of workshops to train their people in the new tone of voice. Everyone from the general manager to the customer service team out in Malta. The workshops we designed were full of energy, interactive, hands on and unique to Gumtree’s new tone of voice.

Trainee highlights from the workshops

I love the writing exercises. They’re really fun.

Having a full day is great - especially with the live writing at the end.

The guide book is really useful as a point of reference.

It’s amazing how a few little things can change the tone of the message.


Writing the 2016 retention mailer for the IMechE

We worked with design agency Karoshi to develop a concept and write the copy for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ 2016 retention mailer. The ‘Inspire Me’ concept helped us win the pitch and show the IMechE how powerful copy can engage, persuade and entertain people.

We split the mailer into two parts. One side shared strong facts and figures about why membership of the IMechE is so important. While the other featured stories from engineers around the world who we interviewed.

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